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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Domestic Abuse 60s Style: The Darker Side of Bobby Hebb

Pretty much everyone on the planet has heard Bobby Hebb's gentle 1966 hit Sunny. But just 4 short years before he'd hit it big, he was part of an act called Bobby and Sylvia, which released the charming little ditty You Broke My Heart And I Broke Your Jaw on the aptly named Battle Records. You'll note from the label that Hebb actually wrote the song as well. A virtual celebration of domestic abuse, the tune concerns an affair that Sylvia has had--that would be the "broke my heart" part--and Bobby's reaction to the affair, which apparently amounted to popping her in the kisser. Most disturbingly, Sylvia seems to lightly shrug off her punishment like it's deserved, or simply business as usual.


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