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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

She's Happy She's Barbie

A relic from my misspent childhood in the early 70s...or rather, my sister's: the trippy I'm Happy I'm Barbie. This was a 7-inch record that I dimly recall came with one of the Barbie playsets which somehow made the doll look like she was shaking her money-maker to this thing. The song itself is sort of "Wonder Woman theme-ish"--hardly unusual for the women-empowering early 70s--but the bridge feels oddly psychedelic. One can imagine Barbie on some sort of freaky acid trip, flying through clouds of color as she sings of being "free." The session singer who does the Barbie vocal is pretty wretched. Or maybe she was supposed to sound like that, and this was part of the "Don't Quit Your Dayjob Barbie Playset." For all of your aspiring Barbies out there, I've included the flip side of the single. It's the same song, but with a Hammond organ substituting for the vocals. I hope someone out there is ballsy enough to use it for karaoke.


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