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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Carol & Martha: Together Again for the First Time

A great thrift store find: Carol Burnett (one of RetroGuy's favorites since childhood) and Martha Raye's "Together Again For The First Time" album from 1969. Unlike Burnett's other pop music albums, never released on CD. Which is too bad because it's a fun little recording. Carol--being the more popular at the time--has the lion's share of the solos, and those who have never heard any of her Broadway material may be surprised that she's quite a decent singer. Martha Raye doesn't come off terribly well standing next to a major talent like Burnett, but who could? Actually, RetroGuy sort of doubts that they stood next to each other at all for this project--listening closely to their duets, it seems clear that each woman recorded her part seperately. Definitely worth a download. The zip file includes cover scans.


Anonymous mr.Kenneth said...

Thanks for posting this retroguy! - an admirer of Carol Burnett myself - throughly enjoyed it ... have you heard Carol's outing with Julie Andrews @ Carnegie Hall? Hilarious stuff:)

1:08 AM


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