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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sing Boy Sing!

In 1957, Kraft Television Theatre was all set to produce "The Singin' Idol," the story of a Southern country boy who rockets to fame because of his rock and roll singing. Remind you of anybody? Unfortunately for Kraft, Elvis Presley turned down the project. So Presley's manager sent along his other client: Tommy Sands, a 20 year old who bore a certain resemblance to Presley. "The Singin' Idol" turned out to be a huge hit and Sands suddenly became a hot commodity. 20th Century Fox, not being a studio to turn down a good thing, cast Sands in Sing Boy Sing, a feature-length retelling of "The Singin' Idol." Was Sands actually Elvis material? Probably not. He certainly had the look, but lacked the sexual charisma or the voice of Presley. Nontheless, he clearly knew his way around a song. Here's the long out-of-print soundtrack recording from Sing Boy Sing.


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