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Friday, June 02, 2006

You Meet 'Em Wherever You Go

With the state of the world being what it is today, RetroGuy has been starting to feel that he's living in the Vietnam era. Just last weekend, he saw a college student carrying around an SDS sign. While lots of Vietnam-era culture has experienced a rebirth, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we haven't seen a new Up With People surface. Many people are familar with Up With People's far-too-perky views from their ill-advised Super Bowl halftime appearances (not to mention late night TV parodies by the bushel), but what many don't know is that Up With People started out as part of a conservative religious movement called "Moral Re-Armament." Sound like something Pat Robertson might dream up nowadays, doesn't it? While many of the youth of America were chanting "Down With The Administration," here were these squeaky-clean types who basically served as establishment-boosters. This 1965 album from Up With People's first television special features glowing quotes from conservatives like John Wayne and Pat Boone, as well as performances by a very young Glenn Close. You can read the album's liner notes here. Get three tracks from the long out-of-print album here.


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